Ten years after the establishment of Owen County, our heritage began when a Baptist church was started in 1829. Cornelius Duvall became the pastor and served in that position for about 12 years. The original church dissolved in 1864 due to controversy surrounding baptismal regeneration and the scattering of many members due to the Civil War.

On July 27, 1867, 23 brethren and sisters convened at the courthouse for the sole purpose of constituting this very church. J.M. Frost, who went on to found and serve as the first Secretary of the Sunday School Board of the Southern Baptist Convention, brought the message that day and became our first pastor where he served for 18 months.

After the church was reorganized in 1867, church services were held in the Owen County Courthouse until a new building was erected in 1868. Later this building was sold to the Methodist in 1896. A new building was erected and our current sanctuary was dedicated on December 27, 1896 at the cost of $11,000 for the building and furnishings. The addition of rear Sunday School rooms was added in 1923. This addition currently houses our church offices, choir room, and upstairs Sunday School rooms.
In July 1967, under the leadership of former pastor Jim Conrad, new pews, a choir loft, and our current baptistery were added.
The next major addition, which included our present education wing and fellowship hall, was built in 1986 when Tommy Tackett was pastor.

In the summer of 1997 under the leadership of pastor Paul Chitwood, the rear section of the sanctuary was remodeled to open up the back seating area and to add a sound loft. During this remodel, the carpet and pew colors were changed from green to the current dark red. After having been discussed and considered for several years, also under the direction of Dr. Paul Chitwood and the Together We Build efforts of our church family, the Family Life Center was built. The dedication of the FLC as a community outreach ministry took place on August 27, 2000.

In the last 8 years, under the leadership of current pastor Brad Banks, our church has seen the purchase of the Old Morgan house, remodel of the foyer, new carpet and painting of the education wing, a new kitchen installed in the fellowship hall, tuck pointing of the sanctuary’s exterior, and the repainting of this 121-year old worship area. Another major renovation of the sanctuary is in store in the new year ahead.